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April Fool’s Day Bitcoin Joke By Swiss Media Giant Excites Crypto Market


How amazing is it for an employee to receive salaries in Bitcoin.! Especially those who love cryptocurrency. A recent report from Switzerland media, Netzmedien AG claimed that they’re planning to pay salaries in Bitcoin but the report is just hoax, officials confirmed with the edited version of original article.

The report of ‘Salaries in Bitcoin’ was published on April 01, 2019 which is a fool’s day generally but the publication posted by Swiss Media ‘Netzmedien AG’ has received significant reputation across space. As such, few reputed crypto news agencies also reported the buzz of Bitcoin salary on April 01. To note the announcement reads that (posted on April 01, 2019);

“This was decided unanimously by the employees in a meeting. Affected by the change are all 30 employees of the publishing house. The team in western Switzerland also supports the move to Bitcoin. There was no opposition.” (this was the translated version of the original article that notes – The publishing house Netzmedien will pay off all wages in Bitcoin $BTC from today)

Indeed, like the fool’s day finishes, media goes on record and states that it was just an April Fool’s joke.

The recent confirmation by Netzmedien AG says that earlier article was just an April Fool’s joke and they’re not paying salaries in Bitcoin. As it can be seen on its edited version of original article;

Update from 2.04.2019: April, April! The editors will have to be satisfied with the Swiss franc, at least for the foreseeable future. The announcement that the publisher of the network media pays off all wages in future in Bitcoin, of course, was an April Fool.

Furthermore, the updated article mentioned that their ‘BTC salary’ announcement drives a good bull run in the value of Bitcoin (although it was an April fools joke). It reads as follows;

And by the way: Since the announcement, the Bitcoin price has increased according to Coinbase by more than 14 percent. Probably just a coincidence.

Nevertheless, key factors that have influenced the value of Bitcoin (BTC) is still unclear. On top of all, BTC’s favorable value is always a potential move towards other altcoins and market as a whole. Know how Bitcoin enters the second quarter of 2019 with new value.

What do you think of Bitcoin moving towards new bull run? do you think Bear market is over?

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