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Binance and Tron Committed to Donate $100,000 in Crypto to the Charity – Justin Sun

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Top cryptocurrency exchange, Binance and blockchain oriented operating system, Tron is lending huge funds to the charity. In the latest tweet, Justin sun, the founder and CEO of Tron Foundation has proudly announced that Binance and Tron is the newest platform in a list to donate $100,000 in Crypto to the Charity. Tweet mentioned it as follows;

 Blockchain for a Social Cause

Unlike for many other sectors including healthcare, banking, and government, Blockchain technology could help resolve the transparency issue in charity. Justin by referring to what CZ said about helping needy through charity, points that blockchain technology is one aspect that helps to eradicate the transparency issue.

In recent years, blockchain technology has become the biggest buzzwords to attempt on key areas like transparency, accuracy, Trust, and Cost, across various industries. In order to contribute to the social cause, Justin claimed that the TRON platform has partnered with BCF and Malta. He says that;

#TRON has always believed blockchain has enormous potential for social good. As a technology leader, our partnership with BCF and Malta is one of many ways of accomplishing change for the better. We support the Malta Community Chest Fund! #TRX $TRX

As such, BCF is a Binance Charity Foundation introduced by Binance Exchange on December 19, 2018, to help all channels of charity to accept donations from interested peers. Consequently, the Tron with BCF aims to help Maltese national charity – Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCFF) to aid them to improve their living and majorly attempting on the Maltese core issues like – disease, disability, and economic vulnerability.

Accordingly, Justin did mention the views of the president of Malta who is also agreed with the launch of BCF donation for charity. Justin asserted that;

President of Malta, @presidentMT said that the BCF donation platform is a perfect opportunity for blockchain and crypto companies globally to reflect and express their sound corporate social responsibility values.’

What’s your stake of blockchain for Charity? Will it resolve the transparency issues? Let’s discuss.

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