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BTC China Co-founder, Bobby Lee Calls Crypto Revolution is Irreversible


In the latest tweet, the prominent blockchain leader,  Bobby Lee calls cryptocurrency revolution is irreversible. With cryptomarket persistently sees bloodshot and other top performing cryptocurrencies are losing their position including Ethereuma and Bitcoin, Bobby Lee who is the co-founder of BTC China and the creator of other crypto projects thinks “slowly but surely, Bitcoin is losing its monopoly”. He addresses G20 summit leaders and took social media, tweeting;

I wonder if @G20org World Leaders actually realize that they DO face a REAL Common Enemy now? With #Bitcoin soon turning 10, national gov’ts are SLOWLY but SURELY losing their #monopoly & ability to issue (#fiat) money. It’s slow at first but this #revolution is irreversible!

At press time, Bitcoin looks green with 3.97%, valuing $4149 according to coinmarketcap. The other top cryptocurrencies follow green rally including XRP on second, backed by Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash and EOS.

Lee on Crypto Bulletins – Criticizing and Advising

Lee appears on bulletin very often discussing the crypto market and future possibilities. In late November 2018, he discussed the price drop when bitcoin was about to hit $3000. He said that he would not surprise if “Bitcoin hits $3000”. Moreover yesterday, he talked about the state of buying and selling the bitcoin.

He highlighted three advisers to buyers.

Also, the possible state to sell Bitcoin. He said;

  • If you’ve made 20x return or more

  • Then sell SOME to diversity, but NEVER sell it all

Furthermore, during Blockshow Asia 2018 event held for two days on November 28 and November 29, Bobby Lee said that “users should hold their Bitcoins during this bear market”. He moreover said;

 “There will be a war on our freedom of money. Governments worldwide will do more and more to suppress Bitcoin”. Adding

“Especially in this bear market I urge you, if you are a true believer, if you truly understand the essence of Bitcoin, the impact of Bitcoin, about the new form of ownership, about the control we’re taking back, about the freedom of money, you should hold or ‘hodl’ Bitcoin.”

What’s your call on Bitcoin price? will it continue to get the red figure or will it show green signals for the coming year?

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