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Coinbase’s UK CEO Calls Exchange’s New Expansion is ‘More Aggressive approach’ for 2019

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So far, Coinbase Exchange has appeared under the list of well performing and the aggressive strategic firm involved in cryptocurrency trading. As such, Coinbase, one among the largest cryptocurrency exchange has recently announced the launch of its trading services across six new countries. This includes Lithuania, Iceland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Zeeshan Feroz who is the CEO of UK based Coinbase calls it ‘a more aggressive approach’ to Coinbase’s international push in 2019.

Most Recent Updates and Announcement by Coinbase Exchange

  • In early 2018, Coinbase tied up with Barclays, a British Bank to open a U.K bank account
  • In late October, Coinbase has raised $300 million, funded by Tiger Global Management
  • In December, it hits the headlines of adding 30 new cryptocurrencies including XRP to its platform
  • Very recently, it has launched a new learning program for users whilst they can earn too
  • And Yesterday, on December 20, 2018, it has released the statement of expanding to the European market
  • Zeeshan Feroz adds that the firm is ‘constantly exploring’ to partner with other banks and fintechs

Coinbase Expands Across European Countries

Coinbase’s global drive is not the first of its kind in crypto space, Coingape has recently reported that the Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange, Zebpay has also set up its trading operation across various countries of Europe. Coinbase Exchange has selected some of the most popular destinations where cryptocurrency and blockchain are seen as the core tech – as such, it has opened office in Dublin.

“I think you can expect a more aggressive approach to us adding more countries in the coming months,” Feroz asserted. “Much of what we’re doing here is driven by customer needs and what we’re seeing in the market.”

Coinbase in 2017 has crossed $1billion when Bitcoin was also touching the peak. However, since many analysts are still looking bitcoin and crypto with major potential and also the Bitcoin’s price spiked to $4000 first time in two weeks, it can be predicted that 2019 may bring more pleasant environment for virtual assets as well as the players within the market like Coinbase. Moreover, Feroz said that;

“We are certainly open to exploring ways of working with domestic banking partners and payment providers — whatever the dominant schemes are — to facilitate transactions for customers,”.

Feroz did mention about the hype of crowdfunding projects or ICO last year and its crackdown by regulators of many countries. He said that system has been transformed, for instance instead of asking ‘how much money you made’, it makes more sense to talk about ‘what these projects really mean’.

“I think if you look at last year, a lot of the focus was on people who bought crypto from an investment point of view and a lot of projects raised a ludicrous amount of money as a result of that,”

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