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Crypto Twitteraties Demand @Bitcoin Twitter Account Suspension, Twitter CEO Responds Quickly


Although Satoshi’s identity is a still mystery even if Craig Wright is continuously striving, Crypto twitteraties demands suspension of @Bitcoin Twitter account.

Should @Bitcoin Twitter Account be suspended?

While Satoshi Nakamoto is famously known as the creator of Bitcoin but remained anonymous to the whole world, the Crypto community on Twitter is talking tough on how should ‘Bitcoin’ Twitter account be treated? As such, self-claimed Bitcoin educator ‘Jimmy Song’, took to Twitter and created a poll, asking ‘The @bitcoin account should be’ with four options that say either left alone, suspended for fraud or shadowbanned and other.

The poll bagged 6062 votes and among four options ‘suspended for fraud’ ranked 54%, higher than rest three options.

Source: Twitter

Nevertheless, the poll is then followed by leading Twitter accounts such as Whale Panda which currently has 215.8K followers and one of the famous profile in crypto Twitter. Whale Panda retweeted the poll stating that Bitcoin account should be suspended just like the Internet Account. It cites ToS as the account is sold against Terms of Service and claimed that it is actively defrauding people.

Whale Panda Twitter
Source: Twitter

CEO Jack Dorsey’s Response

Nevertheless, the account is closely related to Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin Cash. He also owns which often shill Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and sources that supports BCH cryptocurrency. Moreover, @Bitcoin Twitter account also recently tweeting more about BCH and meantime criticizing the BTC networks’ problem. This gotten the attention of Bitcoin maximalists and one such BTC proponent, Zack Voell (often active on Twitter and an analyst for Messari Report) also voiced his concern on Twitter.

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He also shared his and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s private conversation screenshot (which is deleted now) – According to the screenshot, Dorsey asked ‘what do you recommend we do with it?’

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Who Handles @Bitcoin Twitter.? Roger Ver?

Moreover, the report stated that the account has already been banned in 2018 and experienced ‘shadow ban’ earlier to this. However, it is still unclear who really handles @Bitcoin but many assume it as Roger Ver. Here is Roger Ver’s response when @Bitcoin was banned during April 2018.

Source: Twitter

Following the recent deplatform voice, @Bitcoin Twitter account officially released a couple of ‘back to back’ tweets to elaborate the whole scenario. One such tweet claim that Roger is not the one who is tweeting;

Source: Twitter

Moreover, Jimmy Song’s poll indicates users voice and demands this account should be suspended due to defrauding people. However, Twitter does delete any account for a common reason such as Spam, Account security at risk or if users have reported Twitter that it is violating its rules surrounding abuse.

So readers, do you agree with the poll result.? Do you think Roger Ver’s closely related @Bitcoin Twitter account Should be permanently suspended just like a @Internet account? Let us know in the comment below

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