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Dapp Battle: Total Dapps On Tron’s MainNet Reaches 74, Justin Sun Announces 80+ Secured

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According to the recent Dapp available, Tron has up its stake in the battle of Dapp Ecosystem Supremacy and now has 74 Dapps on its MainNet.

Tron ‘s Dapp are multiplying at great speed

Tron has progressed really well on its Dapp ecosystem journey, all thanks to its efforts and also due to the misery of Ethereum.  A lot of Dapps have moved to Tron from Ethereum due to ongoing positive sentiments and no congestion. Recently Justin Sun took on to Twitter to announce that Tron has added 74 DApps and 80+ secured within just over a month since its TVM was launched.

The past week has been certainly exceptional for Tron as the number of DApp’s has risen from 74 compared to just 20 last week maintaining a high-speed growth. Its recent Dapp weekly update report forward Tron’s progress in the Dapp ecosystem.

To quote,

“During the past 2 months of ecosystem development, TRON has moved from inviting developers to develop on us, to a new stage of developers coming to us voluntarily. The Tron ecosystem is becoming more and more mature with many Dapps launched on TRON’s MainNet on a daily basis. The 24-hour transaction volume on TRON’s entire network has reached 2.43 million. Tron is slowly ascending to be No.1 public chain with a steady pace.”

Some notable apps on Tron include four decentralized exchanges:, GOC, Trontrade, and Joyso.

Tron and Justin are great fans of blockchain gaming and have been recently working on projects that could attract gamers on Tron. The Tron Foundation launched the Tron Arcade earlier in November which is a dedicated $100 million fund that would be used to improve the company’s gaming blockchain.

Also, according to recent updates from Tron, Blockchain Cuties, one of the most popular crypto collectible games today, is officially launching on Tron Arcade on December 28, making it the first full-features gaming DApp to launch on the platform.

Tron is confident that it can defeat its competitors in the battle of Dapp Ecosystem and hence Justin has also confidently mentioned that it would be the Dapp’s on Tron that would drive the next bull run in cryptocurrencies.

Will Tron take the No 1 position in the battle of Dapp ecosystem?

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