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Elon Musk Quickly Reacts on ‘You are Not Satoshi’ Challenge – Here’s His Response


While the ongoing drama of whether Craig Wright is real Satoshi Nakamoto or not took a new turn, crypto community strongly urged Elon Musk that ‘he is not Satoshi’ and sarcastically asked him to sue for the challenge. As a response, Tesla CEO quickly adds a note, stating ‘cryptocurrency is my safe word’.

Source: Twitter

It’s pretty cool that Elon Musk earlier had shared his bullish view on cryptocurrency even though he himself owned only 0.025 BTC. Rewinding the history, Elon Musk had recently involved in ‘Dogecoin’s upcoming CEO poll’ and apparently lead over the other individual mentioned in the poll – which lets him update his Twitter bio.

Consequently, the moment Elon Musk became CEO and then former CEO of Dogecoin within a couple of hours, it had created a huge buzz in the market – moreover, few believe that it had influenced the value of DOGE during that particular period of time.

But this time, Musk responded to a question that was basically connected to Bitcoin SV’s head ‘Craig Wright’ who is claiming himself as ‘Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’. Wright further urges people to accept his claim and also said that he is filing suit against those who don’t agree and uses hashtag #CraigWritghtIsAFraud. This hashtag along with #DelistBSV has eventfully gone viral on Twitter. More specifically, he threatens Twitter user anonymous account @Hodlonaut, which is deleted from Twitter at the time of writing.

Coming back to Elon Musk, a Twitter account tagged Elon Musk in his tweet that states he didn’t get sued, even he deny Wright’s Satoshi identity– very quickly, he addressed Elon Musk and tweeted yet another post that comes as an open challenge to Elon Musk. Nevertheless, it mentioned that ‘you are not satoshi haha sue me, bitch. Within less than 30 minutes, Elon Musk responded a short note;

Cryptocurrency is my safe word

What do you think readers? Who is the real Satoshi? Let us know your thoughts.

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