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EOS Releases New Version with Enhanced Transaction Speed, Reduced CPU Costs, & Lower Latency

EOS is working on improving the performance of its network considerably as it releases a new version that is seeing a 35% increase in transaction speed and enhanced tooling for improving the smart contract development.

Improving the Performance

“EOS is doing what it promised to do,” Alisa Gus from WISHKNISH recently said in part about EOS.

There has been ongoing developments to improve the performance of the EOSIO in order to make it the fastest protocols on the market. The major focus in the version EOSIO V1.6.0 has been on the substantial increase in performance for applications of the software.

These new updates will increase the efficiency of real-time transaction throughput and peer-to-peer networking layer that would ultimately enhance the overall transaction speed. The official announcement reads,

“Our own internal benchmark tests show upwards of a 35% increase in likely transaction speed when using token-transfers-per-second as our base case.”

This benchmark involved testing the new versions on a private network with results showing “noticeable improvements to sustainable transactions per second, reduced CPU costs, and lower latency on all EOSIO based blockchains.”

Moreover, the EOSIO.CDT V1.5.0 is enhanced tooling for Smart Contract Development. This new tooling is aimed at improving the simplicity of creating, developing, and testing EOSIO smart contract development.

Eosio-init, a new tool was introduced in (#317) which generates a template for smart contract development. “It creates a new binary within EOSIO that builds a basic structure for you to more easily get started with smart contract development.”

Meanwhile, Tron is working on beating EOS and Ethereum at the Dapp game as it continuously adds Dapps on its network at a fast pace.

On the price front, EOS is currently trading at $2.38 with close to 1 percent gains in the past 24-hours. However, the fifth largest cryptocurrency is expected to see a growth of over 75 percent at $4.68 by year-end as per Finder’s prediction.

“EOS has a bright future ahead. However, it may be another year or two before it starts to fully gather adoption,” stated one of the panelists, Ben Ritchie from Digital Capital Management.

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