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ETH vs TRX: Vitalik and Justin Sun continue throwing blows at each other on Twitter

As Tron is getting stronger and Ethereum losing its shine, the rivalry of Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum and Justin Sun of Tron has just got fiercer. Both crypto prodigies again took to Twitter to hell blows at each other again defending the respective coin s and putting down other.

Justin mocks Vitalik again challenges him to touch 2 million transactions per day

It all began with Justin mocking Vitalik pointing at an interview where Vitalik mention that “the next wave in crypto will not be based on a hype.” Justin said that finally, it was clear that the 2017 run lead by Ethereum was all based on hype and also claimed that the next bull run will be led by Tron.

Reply to his tweet, Vitalik Buterin questioned Justin Sun and hit back at Tron by tweeting that, “anyone who puts a dollar sign followed by a ticker symbol in their tweet is basically a self-identified shill and not worth listening to.”

Justin Sun then responded, “We can talk about the dollar sign after the day ETH reaches 2 million Txs per day, which I think will never happen.”

This is not the first time Justin and Vitalik have gotten into an argument over Twitter. A couple of months back they had a similar argument to prove the supremacy in Dapps.

Although Ethereum is fighting with ever-growing congestion, Tron has just been progressing at a great speed.

A couple of weeks back, Justin Sun had tweeted about Tron getting stronger, as it scaled a new record-breaking height as it recorded 1,841,055 transactions per day inching, closer to USD 2 million transactions a day. According to Sun’s tweet, it’s only a matter of time Tron will scale the USD 2million transactions per day creating a new milestone for itself.

While Tron recorded numbers on the positive side, Ethereum had some negative numbers attached to it. According to the data available on EtherScan, the total pending transactions on Ethereum has crossed the 90K mark showing the congestion to have intensified.

Even in battle Dapp’s, Ethereum numbers seem to have fallen miserably compared to EOS and Tron. According to a tweet put forward by Twitter user Kevin Rooke, Ethereum’s top three apps had lesser number of users and also had far less daily transaction volumes.


Ethereum is clearly struggling and needs solutions desperately. These face-saving debates by Vitalik may not work out for long if Ethereum fails to resolve its scalability issues.

Will Ethereum be able to provide answers to Tron or will it bow out? Do let us know your views on the same.



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