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IEO Market Crosses 50 Offerings Globally, 90% of IEO Launches in 2019


2017 was the year when the world saw the bust in the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Market and the world found a new way to raise capital. But with the drop in crypto markets of 2018 saw the ICO’s vanishing from the market. But the advent of 2019 bought a new hope and the world saw a sudden spike in Initial Exchange Offering IEO’s market and the number of IEO’s has soon crossed 50 in no time.

Exmarkets contribute the most ICO’s followed by Probit Launchpad

Citing data from ICObench, which currently monitors 16 IEO launchpads across the globe, the number of IEO (initial exchange offering) market has suddenly seen a bust of exchange offering and in no time the number of IEO’s across the globe crossed 50. It the Data has further divided the launchpad that has launched most for these IEO’s were Exmarkets Launchpad followed by Probit launchpad which launched 11 and 10 IEO’s respectively.


The leading exchanges Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, and Huobi have respective 6, 2,1 and 1 IEO in the form of their names.

While the numbers are still nascent to compare them to the success of ICO’s the start has been pretty decent. This new system provides a different type of exchange where the exchange acts as the middle man between projects and contributors and many in the crypto-world that see the potential in this system and encourage others to get on-board.

The ICObench data further states that 35 IEO projects are now labeled “complete,” while ten are underway.  While this is the past there are 5 new projects that would undergo the launch between the dates of April 22, 2019, to 01 May 2019.

While the first IEO was launched in June 2017 it only caught pace in 2019 which saw nearly 46 IEO’s out of the current 52 IEO’s listed.

ICOs created a fundraising boom in 2017 and 2018. However, a significant percentage of the crypto projects were operated by scammers or were of a dubious nature. Because of this, as well as ICO bans, a lot of people lost interest in this way of capital raising. While IEO’s solve a lot of problems the ICO’s add especially the trust factor one can actually see the IEO market growing

Will IEO achieve the same success as ICO’s? Do let us know your views on the same.


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