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Is Blockchain Gaming The Next Big Thing? Binance CEO Sees Huge Potential


‘Gaming is not-so-small industry yet to be tokenized’ – it is how Binance CEO is more enthusiastic on the future of blockchain gaming. This part of the web is quite more popular while dApp on gaming is hitting the headlines.

Fast or Slow – it will happen

CEO of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange took to Twitter, quoting the adoption of BNB token on a gaming platform, states that ‘Fast or slow, it will happen’.

A Canadian passionate CEO, Changpeng Zhao is encouraging the tokenization on the gaming industry. He embraced the blockchain based gaming platform, SteemMonsters which has revealed the acceptance of Binance official token ‘BNB’ on its platform for card packs. It states’

Go to and use your BNB to grab some packs and join 2000+ daily players in live, blockchain-based, PVP combat

Blockchain dApp Platform

Gaming industry together with tokenization set to change the way gamers evolve in the gaming world. Decentralization in gaming is quite favoring the whole industry with the sound token model. Above all, cryptocurrency or tokens are routing to be more as reward points than just crowdfunding instruments. Consequently, security for games, transparency and the earning opportunity attracts a billion dollar market.

TRON is crowning

TRON or TRX, being initiated as the protocol for entertainment industry including gaming, is now rapidly catching the widespread attention via gaming dApps. There was a time when Ethereum was the only platform for gaming dApps but as per the latest research, TRON is crowning the dApp ecosystem.

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While gaming platforms are eyeing to build more gamers, at the same time, they’re switching to a more convenient dApp platform. As per the source, one of the oldest and top gaming dApps on Ethereum, EtherGoo has turned its way to TRON. Notably, it was the first competitive blockchain game in the digital world. In contrast to EtherGoo, TRON Shrimp team had developed TronGoo on dApp.

Additionally, dApp official survey revealed the industry’s sale in the past year has increased as against the declining graph of the digital currency market.

Dapp Gaming

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