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Litecoin Beats Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV to 7th Position as Charlie Lee Predicted

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Back in February, Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee predicted that Litecoin will flip the Bitcoin Cash and it has finally happened. Meanwhile, Litecoin adoption is going to take a huge boost as the addition on the CoinGate platform will make it available to over 1000 merchants.

Litecoin in Action

Litecoin has gone ahead and beat the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV) to the 7th position. With a market cap of $1.4 billion, the 7th largest cryptocurrency is currently trading at $23.83 with 24 hours gains of 0.87 percent. It is currently managing the daily trading volume of $320 million.

Source, Coinmarketcap

A week back, Litecoin has been on the 9th position below BCH, BSV, and EOS. However, LTC has beaten all these cryptos as Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has predicted. Back in February, this year, Lee has Tweeted,

People are excited with this flappening as one Litecoin enthusiast shared this interesting Tweet,

Bitcoin maximalist, WhalePanda also congratulated Charlie Lee on this flappening,

In the past one month, Litecoin has dropped from $43 to the $22 in tandem with Bitcoin and just like the majority of the crypto market. At the moment, Litecoin is down more than 93 percent from its all-time high.

Source, Coinmarketcap

Apart from seeing action in the market, Litecoin adoption is also going to get a swift kick as Charlie Lee shared,

“Even Litecoin will soon have more than 1000 merchants accepting LN payments!  Thanks CoinGatecom!”

CoinGate recently announced that Litecoin will be soon live on its platform,

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