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Opera Rolls New Blockchain-Oriented Browser To Interact You With Web 3.0

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During the Hard Fork Decentralized Event in London which was held for three days (December 12 -14), Opera announced the launch of cryptocurrency wallet on its Android App. Opera’s new blockchain oriented browser is particularly built to help users browse with the decentralized web or Web 3.0.

First Browser with Decentralized Mechanism

This is the first of its kind in web history that users can access web browser with decentralized features. The announcement specifically focuses on key features like dApps interaction, managing digital identity and transactions process. Opera executive VP Krystian Kolondra elaborates the launch,

“Our hope is that this step will accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual payments and transactions in our users’ daily lives,”

Presently, the browser works well with Ethereum network that also enables users to store ETH or any token based on ERC20. However, they may soon support new cryptocurrencies but the firm has not made any official statement on the same.

The phase of Opera Blockchain Based Browser

  • July 2018 – announced the launch of Android App with a built-in wallet
  • Later unveiled that wallet can be used via the user’s desktop browser as well
  • September 2018- Testing of Beta version of the App
  • December 2018 – Opera rolled out the cryptocurrency-oriented browser for Web 3.0
  • It may soon step ahead to begin the crypto oriented desktop version for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Opera’s new browser is likely to enhance the cryptocurrency adoption at an exceptional level. It is also featuring to offer a direct and seamless experience to the various blockchain-powered services. Charles Hamel who is the project lead Charles Hamel discussed how Opera’s new browser is super user-friendly while pointing the hurdles,

“One major hurdle in all this is that you need a special browser or special browser extensions to even start exploring the decentralized web and even then, users are faced with lots of new terminologies that is sometimes confusing,”

He encouraged the convenience of using Web 3.0 application which he said ‘ very similar to using Google or Facebook with Opera’. Moreover, he points that;

“This is a lot easier and faster than what has been available until now.”

How To Get Started With Opera’s New Browser?  (Follow below steps)

  • If you have Android device, you must first download Opera from the Play Store
  • Buy Ethereum tokens or ERC 20 tokens and store it in your Opera Crypto wallet
  • Browser’s buil-in crypto wallet will then let you use Web 3 dApps and you can get started with Web 3 transactions.

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