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Paid Trolls Creating Controversy and Tribalism in Cryptocurrency Ecosystems?

On April 22, a Reddit user named jessquit elaborated the issue of paid trolls on social media platforms in the cryptocurrency space. On the official Reddit forum named r/BTC, the user wrote about how the environment on social media has changed across the past year. The post read:

“About a year ago it was nonstop bcash parrot trolls.
Then around six months ago all the trolls magically became pro BSV trolls.
Now the BSV and bcash trolling has taken a new turn trying to discredit BCH as an “outright scam” because we continue to rightly claim BCH is Bitcoin: a Peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System.”

Here, another user called Calm_down_stupid engaged to discuss the nature of such trolls. The Redditor stated that the paid comments seem to go in cycles while all of them unanimously thrust upon the same points. Hence, this pattern makes it evident that multiple handles have been paid to opine in singularity.

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Citing specific example, the same user wrote that the hate for Bitcoin Cash community by the Bitcoin community has been deliberately fostered. More importantly, Calm_down_stupid propagated that it could also be because the Bitcoin Core community wants to neglect its own problems and create a diversion by projecting hatred on the BCH ecosystem.

In the past, both, Bitcoin Cash and Core communities have displayed extreme tribalism and criticized each other’s ecosystem. The battle has especially been sprung multiple times between influencers like Roger Ver, Jimmy Song where outside developers like Charlie Lee have also been a part of the debate.

On the contrary, as the discussion on paid trolls went on in r/BTC, a similar comment by a user named DylanKid was posted that read:

“They are coming back just in time for the next hard fork”

To this, another member of the Bitcoin ecosystem responded and wrote:

“and like magic this thread is infested with trolls.”

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