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Reports Claim Movement of XRP Funds worth Millions to Unknown Wallet

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Earlier today a huge fund of XRP cryptocurrency was transferred to an unknown wallet, the event took place on Bitstamp wallet. Both the sending and receiving wallets still remain unknown and the value of the funds is estimated to be 5,492,146 USD.

Huge XRP funds moved from the mysterious wallet, not the first time

On Thursday, a known Twitter account @whale_alert reported 15,000,000 XRP valued 5492146 USD were transferred from Bitstamp to an unknown wallet.

Nevertheless, the activity was out of sight for the vast community of crypto enthusiasts but soon the news spread and crypto enthusiasts started investigating the transfer.

It’s not the first time, in fact, a few days ago, on December 26, 2018, Whale Alert reported the transfer of 90, 000, 000 XRP from unknown wallet to unknown wallet. You will be surprised to know that the migration of those cryptos was valued 33,493,911 USD.


It’s not only XRP, but there are also few more obscure transfers found in other cryptocurrencies too.  It includes 30,000 ETH from Poloniex to an unknown account which was eventually counted 3,753,509 USD. 1690 BTC, valuing 6,394,654 USD and 13,156,924 XRP from Bitstamp to unknown wallets and many other crypto funds from top cryptocurrency trading platforms including Binance, Bitfinex, and Bithumb.

What do you think about such series of huge Crypto transfers to an unknown wallet? Share your opinions. 

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