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TRON CEO Invites USDT Users to Migrate to Tron from Ethereum; Gets Trolled Heavily

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Justin Sun recently invited all USDT users to shift to the TRON network for faster transaction speeds and a better experience. He further took a dig at Etherum and said that it is really sad to see the increasing hash rate slowing down the network. Ethereum supporters did not take Sun’s tweet very well and trolled him on Twitter.

Mocking Ethereum – Not An Easy Affair

Per a recent Tweet, Justin Sun mocked USDT and Ethereum and asked them to shift to the TRON network. Further, he gave a list of exchanges supporting TRC-20 based USDT. 


His tweet got the crypto community talking and he got subjected to numerous trolls. A twitter user with handle “ Cryptective” asked Justin Sun to stop making such an announcement and wait for Ethereum 2.0. 

Source – Twitter

Another twitter user, Bryan Ruiz paid no heed to the announcement and said it is simply a signal to buy more Ether. 

Source- Twitter

A twitter user named Fatih Erdogan mocked Justin Sun and said that he was trying to compete with a coin that holds its position in the top 2 coins, whereas Sun cannot even manage to get his coin’s value to a mere 2 cents, and that’s why he gives his “2 cents” on this topic which is worth more than the value of TRX. 

Source- Twitter

Ethereum Network Shows A Progressive Outlook 

Ethereum hash rate has made significant gains and presently sits at  200 TH/s – highest it has been in 2019. While the transactions are much below the 2018 peak, the network still looks progressive. It is likely that the metrics will note positive changes when ETH 2.0 and the new consensus model is rolled out in 2020. 

Not The First Instance of Trolling for Sun

It seems like 2019 has not been a very good year for TRON, be it the Chinese probe against Justin Sun, allegations of fake trading volume and the canceled Buffet Lunch.  Following all these controversies, the market valuation of Tron has fallen from $2.5 Bn in June 2019 to a little over $1 Bn in September 2019.

Justin Sun had bagged a lunch with the well known ” Warren Buffet”, by paying a record $4.57 million in a charity auction on eBay. Four days before the lunch, Justin Tron canceled the big lunch with the excuse of a medical emergency.

While there were two stories for cancellation – first, him being detained at the airport in China and the second, that he was partying with crypto influencers. Needless to say, he was criticized and trolled heavily by the crypto community for canceling the lunch.

Will the rest of 2019 bring any good news for TRON? Let us know, what you think?

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