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TRON Entertain AI Project in DApp, Collaborates with DACC Content Blockchain platform


With new partnership announcement, TRON, the hottest cryptocurrency is on bulletin again. The latest tweet from DACC platform (a content-based blockchain) revealed the partnership between DACC and TRON in DApp Ecosystem to launch new AI project onto TRON’s dAPP ecosystem.

TRON With DACC – Encouraging AI dAPP

Justin Sun’s TRON or TRX which stands as the ninth largest cryptocurrency with an average market cap $1,597,888,795 is breaking the new records quite often. In a partnership announcement, DACC blockchain platform calls TRON protocol as the ‘largest blockchain-based operating system in the world’.

The partnership intends to launch DACC’s AI project called ‘HashAI’ onto TRON’s dApp Ecosystem. The DACC’s co-working with TRON Foundation seems a big hit for the platform. Sky, the founder of the DACC Foundation states that HashAI will be the first dAPP to work with TRON in 2019.

TRX payment through artificial intelligence

HashAI is a dApp developed by DACC based on Artificial intelligence. It helps users in two ways; as money transfer and the smart contract calls in blockchain via voice queries. The firm believes ‘TRX has been receiving a lot more attention from the chain industries and cafes’ as such they expect to add TRX as a payment mode for transactions. DACC’s official blog notes that ‘HashAI is an attempt to enhance TRX payment via artificial intelligence’. The blog further reads;

At the same time, DACC will also help promote “HashAI” by tapping into its own global community that has 1,000,000+ members, as well as through 499 Block, DACC’s subordinate community media.

You can find HashAI in TRON’s official dAPP library here –

Beside TRON, the HashAI is also connected to Slack, Google Assistant and Google Home. DACC’s founder, Sky sees ‘a long term development on working with TRON platform. He says that ‘TRON is leading the innovation’,henceforth the growth of HashAI by DACC is absolute with this collaboration. Although, Justin Sun didn’t have a word on the social network on this  partnership, but the DACC’s  official blog added Justin Sun’s view on the partnership as follows;

Now that TRON and DACC have reached a consensus, I believe that the launch of the AI project “HashAI” is indeed an action that conforms to the times. Also, TRON has always been aware of DACC’s efforts and contributions in the application development and the global community development. I hope that both parties can jointly develop “HashAI” in order to better serve the community members.”

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