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TRON Restricts Gambling DApps Access In Japan To Comply With Law

One of the reasons Tron is respected in the crypto industry is because it respects the existing regulation and believes in working with regulators rather than competing with them. A similar approach was seen when Tron chose to comply with the promotion and R&D regulations with respect to gambling app in Japan.

Japanese regulations prohibit gambling of all forms

Tron has been one of the fastest growing dapp ecosystem challenging Ethereum and EOS. It’s not just the fastest and technologically superior but the team behind it is also smart enough. Time and again Justin Sun and has shown that they believe in working with the government and regulators and adhere to the laws of the land. The same was again witnessed when Tron released a statement where it pushed developers to remove gambling DApps in the Japanese market to comply with local regulations.

According to the statement released by Tron on its official Medium channel,

The company intends to adhere to local laws and regulations in the countries it works in and hence it has decided to support gambling restrictions for Japan-based users through a series of recommendations for developers, as gambling is generally prohibited by the Japanese criminal code.

While Tron states that it has been striving to promote blockchain technology and diversify DApps on its platform it believes that complying with the laws of the land for any country around the globe is necessary.  To quote from the medium post

“TRON suggests developers who are working on gambling apps block users with Japanese IP addresses. Please do not facilitate the use of gambling apps among Japanese users; TRON will collaborate with the Japanese government and provide necessary support if any TRON DApps violate Japanese laws and regulations.”

Japanese regulations are pretty stringent for gambling. Gambling in Japan is generally banned by the Criminal Code chapter 23 however, there are several exceptions, including betting on horse racing and certain motorsports

Article 185 that addresses crimes related to gambling says

A person who gambles shall be punished by a fine of not more than 500,000 yen or a petty fine; provided, however, that the same shall not apply to a person who bets a thing which is provided for momentary entertainment while

Article 186 that address crimes related to (Habitual Gambling; Running a Gambling Place for the Purpose of Gain states

(1) A person who habitually gambles shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 3 years.

(2) A person who, for the purpose of profit, runs a place for gambling or organizes a group of habitual gamblers shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not less than 3 months but not more than 5 years.

The strategy used by Tron to comply with the regulation clearly shows that the team wants to grow in the most ethical and complied manner in whichever country it operates.

What is your view on these guidelines and country-specific strategies that Tron is operating? Do let us know your views on the same.

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