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Tron’s Dapp Capabilities And Project Atlas To Trigger Next Bull Run in Cryptos: Justin Sun

Ethereum’s Dapp capabilities and popularity were one of the prime reason crypto markets saw the bull run of 2017. But with rising issues with Ethereum, it seems a new hero would trigger the next bull run. While there could be many heroes, Justin Sun is pretty confident that it would be Tron and that too because of its Dapp capabilities and its Project Atlas- the BitTorrent.

Tron has capabilities to trigger the next bull run

While most coins and projects seem to bite the dust in 2018, Tron has been the project that has clearly stood out. The project has not only been progressing at a great speed on its roadmap it has been one of the best performers for its investors this year.

This standout performance is the reason that Justin Sun believes Tron’s capabilities can trigger the next bull run. In a recent twitter conversation. Binance CEO ZHAO Changpeng, also known as CZ, tweeted a question asking, “What do you think will be the trigger for the next bull run? To which Justin Sun confidently retweeted and replied “DApp in TRON and BitTorrent project Atlas.”

In 2018, Tron moved out of Ethereum’s blockchain to its own mainnet and since then it has been challenging Ethereum’s supremacy in every aspect. The latest of the bouts between Ethereum and Tron are been played out in the Dapp’s ecosystem market where Tron is capitalizing on the opportunity that is coming out of Ethereum’s misery.  A lot of Dapp’s have moved from Ethereum to Tron in recent times as Ethereum is dealing with congestion issues. In the last week of November 2018, a crypto collectible game Blockchain Cuties shifted from Ethereum to Tron while very recently BitGuild’s Dapp Bitizens also moved to Tron from Ethereum.

Justin Sun also had tweeted, inviting Dapp developers to move from Ethereum to Tron.

Apart from Dapp’s, Justin seems to be pretty confident on Bit Torrent (Project Atlas), which it had acquired for a whopping USD 126 million. As project Atlas will move the 100 million users of BitTorrent to the TRON network, it is supposed to grow Tron’s customer base and adoption by multifold.

Tron, with its Dapp hosting capabilities and BitTorrent, seems to be a project that could define the future for cryptocurrencies. While its too early to say where would Tron reach, the start has been fabulous and it continues this way, Tron would definitely dethrone Ethereum from its number one place in Dapp hosting market.

Will Ethereum lose its battle against Tron? Do let us know your views on the same.


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